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If I Had This Denver Personal Trainer when I Was Younger, I Would Have Turned Pro

I never got hurt playing sports. At least not anything serious. When I messed up my knee, my doctor told me I should quit playing. He said that since I was not playing professionally, there was no reason to risk re-injury that might lead to a second surgery or a possible knee replacement. I did not have an orthopedist who did any professional sports medicine. I consulted a doctor pro athletes use, and he suggested a Denver personal trainer after my knee surgery. He said that with my fitness level, age and drive, that I could probably get back full use with minimal risk for injuring my knee in the same way again. He said that the trainer may even help me to be stronger and more flexible to get to a point that I could have actually prevented at least the severity of the injury I had.

I started rehab with the Denver personal trainer shortly after my surgery. A plan was worked out with my surgeon before I even had the repair done. It took me about eight weeks of some intense training, but I feel better and stronger than I did before the injury. I thought that I would have to fight through pain every time I played my sport. I do not have any more difficulty with post-game discomfort than before. I actually think I feel tremendously better after games. I have more stamina, strength, speed and flexibility. I should have gotten this trainer to help me a few years ago. If I had, then I might have actually considered a career in my sport.

I think there is a lot of raw talent out there that could benefit from an experienced personal trainer. You can go from being really good to pro level quality. The whole reason we play sports is to compete. Most of us yield to the fact we are never going to be pro players, but I think some of us could turn pro if we just had the right trainer.